New Mexico Museum of Art

Museum of New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Since opening its doors in the heart of downtown Santa Fe in 1917, the New Mexico Museum of Art has celebrated the diverse arts of New Mexico and beyond. Housed in a spectacular Pueblo Revival building designed by I.H. and William Rapp, it was based on their New Mexico building at the San Diego Panama-California Exposition (1915). The museum's architecture inaugerated what has come to be known as "Santa Fe Style."

For more than 90 years, the Museum has collected and exhibited work by leading artists from New Mexico and elsewhere. The art of today and the art of yesterday are both explored through engaging exhibitions that draw from the 25,000- work permanent collection as well as special changing exhibits.

Within our galleries and collections are works by artists of the Santa Fe-Taos Art Movement, early Modernists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Marsden Hartley, and John Sloan, and the Native American and Hispanic artists who were working in the same moment. New Mexico's postwar artistic response to the atomic age that began in New Mexico is examined, as is this region's rich photographic legacy. Contemporary practices from Minimalism and Conceptualism to video and craft mediums such as cladd and ceramics all complete a picture of art in New Mexico, which is (or was) home to Agnes Martin, Bruce Nauman, Susan Rothenberg, Luis Jimenez, and Judy Chicago, among many others.

The New Mexico Museum of Art is a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.